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Simple Online Doctor does not currently offer Ozempic for off-label usage since we prefer to give treatments for their registered uses for safety reasons.

It is critical that consumers interested in Ozempic communicate with a doctor, either online or in person, about their desired outcome and the available solutions that have been proven to be helpful for that condition.

What is Ozempic?

Ozmepic is a medicine that contains the GLP-1 receptor agonist semaglutide as an active component. Due to social media and press headlines, it has skyrocketed in popularity, with Olympic shortages happening due to increased demand in Australia.

Ozempic is on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (ARTG) register for therapeutic goods, but the spike in popularity is due to a “off-label” use, or use that has not been verified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Novo Nordisk has responded by working to secure the medicine’s supply channels in order to meet the demand for people attempting to use the therapy for its intended purpose.

While they have had mixed success in meeting demand, they have created a new medication employing the same active chemical semaglutide, allowing them to give a registered and tested alternative to Ozempic.


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Can I buy Ozempic Online in Australia?

All drugs in Australia are subjected to rigorous testing and trials to verify their safety and efficacy. While Novo Nordisk has demonstrated to the Australian medicines regulator (TGA) that Ozempic is effective for its registered purpose, it has not demonstrated safety and efficacy (effectiveness) for any off-label or unregistered usage.

While this may not seem significant if the treatment looks to be beneficial for other purposes, it is critical to maintaining patient safety.

While you may be able to find Ozempic online, you should proceed with caution if you buy it from a source or website that is not licenced and authorised by Australian legislation.

While some services are legitimate, the TGA has issued remarks concerning those that are misleading and scamming Australians by promising off-label supply from overseas.

Ozempic vs registered alternatives

Multiple drugs are now registered in Australia for the illnesses for which Ozempic was being used off-label.

These can differ in terms of the dose or active substance contained within the injection pen and are tailored to the condition to provide the greatest results.

This makes it much easier for health practitioners to provide simple instructions for the use of injectable pens and dosing, lowering the risk of unintended damage and side effects.

For these registered options, you can visit a doctor online or in person. If you are found suitable for treatment by an Australian-certified doctor, you will be given a treatment that has been shown to produce the desired result while also being safe.

Where to buy Ozempic?

Ozempic prescribing is best managed by your regular GP for registered usage, as you will most likely need continuing blood tests to check that it is appropriately controlling your disease.

Those who are taking it or believe it would benefit their health should speak with their doctor about getting a prescription.

As the Ozempic stock deficit improved considerably in June 2023, and many patients who were taking it off-label shifted to registered alternatives, most pharmacies should now have enough stock to fill prescriptions for customers who are using it for its proper purpose.